Great online shopping experience that I need to share

May 20, 2010

I never intended to use this blog to talk about stuff like shopping, but I recently had such an amazing experience that I wanted to write about it.

Rya gave me a couple of gift cards that she had received so I could treat myself to some new clothes.

I needed some new shoes but because of the card that she was given, it could only be used in a limited number of retailers, although both online and in real stores.

I ended up buying a pair of shoes from Zappos, and it is my experience with them that I wanted to write about.

I have always been reluctant to by shoes on the Internet or by mail order. I am always concerned that they won’t be comfortable or won’t look good. And, I don’t want to go into a bricks and mortar place, take up a salesperson’s time, and then buy my shoes online.

But, this time I didn’t have a lot of choice. I tried on a pair of shoes at a local retailer and then went on line. I found another style by the same company on Zappos and ordered them. It was a very easy process. They have free shipping, and free return shipping if necessary.

Well, return shipping was necessary as the shoes didn’t look as good on as they did on the site. Again, it was a wonderfully easy thing to do. Go online, fill out the necessary info, print out the return label, stick it on the box, and bring it to a local UPS shipping outlet. I got my money back, no questions asked, no hassle, and no extra cost.

A couple of days later I even got a reward! For returning merchandise? I was upgraded to Zappos VIP status. This gives me free overnight shipping.

Last night, I decided to order a pair of running shoes. I sat down at my computer at about 8PM and ordered my shoes. I figured they would be shipped today and arrive tomorrow.

When I got home tonight, there they were, waiting for me. Think about it. Order at 8PM. Get it next day. And at no charge! Wow!

I’m still reluctant to buy shoes without trying them on, but with a company like Zappos the risk is nil. All you might waste is some time.

If you want to read more about Zappos the company go to


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