Am I Old?

June 7, 2010

As usual, I  took the “L” home from work today. On my first leg of my trip I had a seat. When I switched to the Green Line train I had to stand, which is unusual but not unheard of.

I was standing, reading a book in one hand and holding on to a handrail with the other. A couple of stops out of the Loop a couple of seats opened up as people got off the train.

Someone sat in one of the seats. The other remained empty. I asked the young (an older teenager) woman standing by the seat if she was going to sit down. She said “No” and signaled to me to sit down.

As I took the seat I said to her “I hope you didn’t give me the seat because my gray hair makes me look old.” in mock indignation.  She was kind of flustered but said “No. You are reading a book and thought it might be easier for you to sit.”

As I sat down I noticed a couple of women nearby with big smiles on their faces as they knew that I was pulling this young women’s leg. And I told her so.

Normally, I don’t mind taking the “L” but last week I had a couple of trips where the noise and attitude of some of my fellow travelers became too much. I was glad to have some fun, and make a few other commuters smile.


One Response to “Am I Old?”

  1. Sharon M. Says:

    I hope your teasing that girl won’t make her hesitate to offer a seat to an older person in the future.

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